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About Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd
Posted in Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd | Category: Chemistry

Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd., (GHCL) a concern of OPSONIN GROUP was incorporated on the 19th of September 2000. In the beginning of 21...


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Here's hoping one of you wins the Powerball, because it won'
Posted in Chemjobber

I don't play the lottery, but the fellas at the barber shop decided to buy tickets, I think. The jackpot is $900 million, and according to N...

Man, today was a busy day / back tomorrow
Posted in Chemjobber

credit: Nick UhligIn the meantime, check out these super fun chemistry-themed Valentine's Day cards by Nick Uhlig. They're pretty creative,...

Trimethylaluminum Explosion in Massachusetts
Posted in In the Pipeline

Word has come of a bad industrial accident in the town of North Andover, about 25 to 30 miles north/northwest of Boston. There’s a Dow...

Getting the Indian Drug Scandals Straight
Posted in In the Pipeline

An old colleague of mine sent along this story from India. It’s about the problems that GVK Bio had in 2015, which led to all sorts of...

Nobel Prize 2015 Liveblog
Posted in ChemBark

Watching the live stream and weighing in with babble: 4:48 am – They’re here! 4:49 am – This always gets my blood pumping....

Predictions for the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Posted in ChemBark

The announcement is less than an hour away, so I guess I should post my official list of odds against winning the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemis...

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