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About Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd
Posted in Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd | Category: Chemistry

Global Heavy Chemicals Ltd., (GHCL) a concern of OPSONIN GROUP was incorporated on the 19th of September 2000. In the beginning of 21...


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Goofy idea of the morning: oral histories of senior antibiot
Posted in Chemjobber

This morning's In the Pipeline post is on a new Pew roadmap for antibiotic discovery, and there was this passage in the Pew report which wil...

A Plan For New Antibiotics
Posted in In the Pipeline

The Pew Trust has come out with a document that I hope makes an impression: their Roadmap for Antibiotic Discovery. Every year the the...

"We can't repel an Oxide of that resonance"*
Posted in Chemjobber

Via Twitter, a very funny drawing by Debbie Gale Mitchell. (Twitter handle @heydebigale)*The very clever title of this blogpost is by T...

Epigenetics For the Spirit
Posted in In the Pipeline

You may have come across Siddhartha Mukherjee’s article in the New Yorker on epigenetics, and if so, you may also have noticed that it...

We’re Hiring a NTT Asst Prof at SLU
Posted in ChemBark

Hello, friends. Long time, no speak. I’m just checking in to say… Our department is looking to hire a non-tenure-track Assistan...

Nobel Prize 2015 Liveblog
Posted in ChemBark

Watching the live stream and weighing in with babble: 4:48 am – They’re here! 4:49 am – This always gets my blood pumping....

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