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"Dow Announces Actions To Pee On Your Leg, Tell You It's Rai
Posted in Chemjobber

From the inbox, a truly remarkable press release from Dow: Dow Announces Actions to Drive Economic Growth in Great Lakes Bay Region&nbs...

Warning Letter of the Week: "not adding some starting materi
Posted in Chemjobber

You know, I was going to go with Chongqing Lummy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.'s analysts and their propensity to turn the clock back, but i...

PARP Inhibitors Come Through
Posted in In the Pipeline

PARP (poly ADP-ribose polymerase) inhibitors have had a rough time of it in the clinic. Sanofi had one (iniparib) fail, but it later turned...

Grit And Giving Up, Experience and Ignorance
Posted in In the Pipeline

It seems to be a fairly slow news day in biopharma – not always such a bad thing – so I wanted to bring up a general drug discov...

We’re Hiring a NTT Asst Prof at SLU
Posted in ChemBark

Hello, friends. Long time, no speak. I’m just checking in to say… Our department is looking to hire a non-tenure-track Assistan...

Nobel Prize 2015 Liveblog
Posted in ChemBark

Watching the live stream and weighing in with babble: 4:48 am – They’re here! 4:49 am – This always gets my blood pumping....

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